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In many industrial companies, cooling is often more important than heat which is already available due to process heat or heat loss of the on-site machines. By means of an intelligent designed power-heat-system, the CHP created heat is transformed into coolness by an adsorption unit. Electricity, heat and cooling are generated for an adequate and efficient energy use.




At small sewage plants, the resulting fermentation gases are often not used to generate electricity and heat. The invested costs and profitability are considered as insufficient.

We offer together with our long-time partners systems/subsystems for these facilities. In combination with efficient digesters and efficient gas utilisation through CHPs, new economic opportunities open up. Economic and technical interesting possibilities are lanced especially for communities with less than 25,000 inhabitants.




Landfill gas changes its composition during the lifecycle of landfills. The installed CHPs have to cope with this particular challenge.

Customer-specific requirements are fulfilled due to a combination of the whole plant technology with integration into the procedures and the control engineering of the entire landfill.This is rounded off by the system components.

At the same time, the relevant environmental conditions are met as well as the performance of the related project management.