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The use of sewage CHPs at sewage plants is a particular effective and environmentally friendly field of application. The produced sewage gas, used on-site, is transformed locally into electricity and heat.

For many years, we have been experts in the field of sewage gas CHPs and offer solutions up to 500 kWel with the belonging installations and technical integration, for example high-quality Siemens controls.


Hydrogen is the future energy source. Already today, it is possible to find effective solutions for surplus wind energy due to innovations and technical knowledge.

Electricity and heat are generated of saved hydrogen by the use of hydrogen-powered CHPs. Therefore, we have invested in long-term sustainable future technology.


With a wide range of CHPs, we offer all opportunities to industrial, urban and private use to generate simultaneously heat and electricity in decentralised applications.

Natural and liquid gas offer as an energy source a broad field of application: From swimming baths to energy supply of large industrial companies


Heat and electricity won of waste is ecologically and economically an important field of application of CHPs. This is often an exceptional technical challenge for CHPs due to the low amount of methane.

We have proved our competencies during several performances in the field of lean gas. The use of generated gas until the late stage of landfills is an important economic and ecological contribution


Biogas plants are in combination with a CHP also small power stations.
It produces electricity on a nearly CO2- neutral level.  

Biogas is the result of biomass fermentation, transformed by the CHP into heat and electricity. The electrical power is fed into the electrical grid and the heat is used, for example, for digester.


Owning to our substantial experiences with hydrogen and lean gas of landfills, we have developed many CHPs applicable to all kinds of special gases.

We provide as a competent partner for all customer-specific demands excellent service for the utilisation of special gases.