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The f.u.n.k.e. SENERGIE GmbH is the energy expert of the f.u.n.k.e MITTELSTANDS GmbH. Like all members of the company group, we are committed to the principles of the German mittelstand. The basic elements of our success are absolute customer-orientation, innovation-affinity, commitment and flexibility.

Our core topic is the use of CHPs for sewage and biogas conversion and the economic use of energy in the field of natural gas. We also participate in the solution development of storage possibilities of wind energy and create approaches in the hydrogen sector. Our customers receive full performance right from the start with the submission of tender, followed by the development and manufacturing, the project management of plant construction and the extensive service during the operation phase.

In the system area, we develop complex application possibilities in the field of power-heat systems. Examples are the integration of cooling systems and renewable energy in general. Herein, we also offer full service starting with the analysis of  the system configuration to the realization and extensive Aftersales/Service.

Our industrial, commercial and local customers are always the centre of our thinking and acting. Our employees work in different departments to meet the customer requirements and ensure customer satisfaction.

With long-time experienced and high-qualified experts, we develop, manufacture, operate and maintain ready CHPs and systems nationwide 24/7 service at our locations in Engen and Heitersheim.

Our range of products includes in-house manufactured CHPs with 30 to 500 kWel for the use of sewage, bio and natural gas. CHPs bigger than 300 kWel can be delivered and assembled in package structure. Together with our customers, we define systems like the power-heat-cooling-system or small sewage plant systems. Afterwards, the full range of system supply service is offered.

We rely on our development in the same technical and organizational manner regarding our employees as on our explicit use of high-quality components from notable brand manufacturers. Our employees are curious and open-minded towards new possibilities of energy generation. They always combine their professional engagement with social responsibility and regard their profession as a vocation.